GenesisPrecompiler for LiteC v0.5

Today i released version 0.5 of my Precompiler. The update includes: Bugfix: stringcontent is ignored now when parsing methodcontent. Its now possible to use single and/or multiline comments. You can now use private/protected/public to define the accessspecifiers as you do in C++ Implicit “this”. Inside a method, you no longer need to write “this” before […]

GenesisPrecompiler for LiteC V0.4

Today i finished V0.4 of my precompiler. Changes for V0.4: You can define Global vars You can define global function dummies You can define structs (its yet not possible to define values at the end) You can define (lazy) enums. You cant set custom values. Each value in an enum is unique New warnings for […]

It’s been a long time… and other things

For a long time, i did not update this site. But i want to reboot this Blog. My last project “Bombastic-Tournament” is currently on hold. Currently, I am working on some kind of precompiler for the LiteC compiler of 3DGamestudio. Project thread:GenesisPrecompiler(3DGamestudio-Forum) The download is currently not available, because the previous filehoster is not available […]

Weekly Update #2 Jan. 2010

This week has been really short. Sadly nothing special to say. Just finished GUI and looking forward to progress faster next week. A new playtest should happen at the end of the next weke to test Fixes for Bomb kicking.