GenesisPrecompiler for LiteC


Name: GenesisPrecompiler for LiteC
Version: 0.5
Uploaded: 04-Feb-2012
Downloads: 279
GenesisPrecompiler for LiteC


    • This was my first project on, some kind of, (pre)compiling. It Compiles (very) basic C++ classes to LiteC ( a C derivation from Conitec) and added some additions like “for each”.

      Classes are transformed to structs with function-pointers. Which allows i.e. Class-Inheritance and virtual-methods.

      Here is an old thread where i described the progress a bit more(some examplecode, too)

      However, the code is a pure mess. This project taught me, why it’s so important to use a lexer! Later projects had a huge benefit from what went wrong in this one.

      If you have any questions, ask me :)

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