Delphinus: New UI and no external SSL-Libraries anymore

It’s been some time since my last post. While it was quite here, i continued my work on Delphinus (quite slow to be honest as other things kept me busy). However i have just finished 2 points on my list, so it is time for a little update. First of all (for those wo used only the Master-Branch) i have updated the UI a bit. I choosed another (list oriented) design.  You can get it hereDelphinus

The left side shows the already familliar Categories to choose from, together with the new “Updates” category and a number to display the amount of packages included. Quite handy to spot updates.

The list itself contains the packages. It can display some more information than the previous one. Like a symbol for supported platforms (Symbols do not distinguish between platform-architecture).

The detailsview is now always visible and displays the currently selected package.

The searchbar at the top searches for names only. But i’ll extend that at a later time.


Realoading doesn’t freeze the UI any longer. Same goes for the Install/Update/Uninstall Dialog, which got a little facelift to be more compact.


Something you don’t see, but i am quite sure you’ll appreciate it: I removed Indy and switched to WinHTTP. This means no external SSL-Libraries. No more conflicts. Simply compile and install. That’s it! At the same time i rewrote the cachingmechanic. It is simpler, faster and shared properly between multiple running Delphi-IDEs (in case you have multiple installed).


For the (near) future, there are multiple things to tackle:

  • adding all non desktop platforms
    • This is just a simple step (extending an enum and adding strings)
    • However i don’t have access to a Mobileaddon. I need testers!
  • Commandline interface
    • requested for a long time, planned, but nothing written as of yet
  • Websetup
    • A precompiled WebSetup which downloads Delphinus and installs it for the given Delphi-Installations (as checked by user)
    • Goal is to simplify initial setup and updating in a Multi-IDE Environment
  • Repository referencing
    • This is intended for Non-Github repos (like Bitbucket)
    • Add Install/Info/Logo/License files to a Githubrepo
    • Link to external Repo
    • Add Tags/Releases with same name on Github as on external Repo
    • Profit!
  • Package-Dependency (maybe not so near future)
    • List another Delphinus-Package as dependency in your Delphinus-Package
    • Automatic installation of dependencies when installing a Delphinus-Package

Above tasks are listed in arbitary order. I’ll decide on a day by day basis on what i do.

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