Mundus: A softwarerenderer in Delphi

Some time ago, 8 years to be precise, i started writing my second softwarerenderer. When I had the basic implementation done, I put it down. Recently I gained interest in getting it to a more usable state. It’s still far from perfect, but compared to where it started, the Shaderpipeline is a lot more flexible and easier.

What it features:

  • Flexible Shaderpipeline
    • Specify your attributes and let the Rasterizer do the perspective correct interpolation
    • Exampleshader for Texturemapping
    • Exampleshader for Vertexcoloring
    • Exampleshader for coloring by Depth
  • Buildin Depthbuffer
    • A shader can optin/optout
    • Specify if it should write Z-Values after check

The Source is available at under the Mozilla Puplic License 2, or as a package on Delphinus

Please bear with me that it’s available for Windows x86 only, as it makes use of some inline assembler.

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