LLVM4D: LLVM C Headers for Delphi

Some time ago (haven’t I started another post like this recently?), I translated the C-Header files of LLVM to Delphi. Recently those were updated to support the most recent release of LLVM 10.

When I say LLVM, I mean LLVM! Not the entire Clang toolchain, but the backend to write your own compilers.

Initially, I wanted to not just do a translation, but add more code on top, like wrappers, to simplify usage. However due to time constraints, this never happened. Therefore I “release” it like this for now. “Release” in quotes, because the repo has been public for years.

I made it available as a package on Delphinus for simpler installing. But you can find the Github-Repository here.

The repository includes precompiled libraries for Win64. Their Win32 seems to be broken at the moment. Therefore I limited the package to Win64 for now. When installed through Delphinus, the library is copied to your BPL-Directory to make it available.

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