Weekly Update #2 Jan. 2010

This week has been really short. Sadly nothing special to say. Just finished GUI and looking forward to progress faster next week. A new playtest should happen at the end of the next weke to test Fixes for Bomb kicking.

Weekly Update

So, here we go. Another week is over. I’ll do those Weekly Updates regulary. My holidays are over and work started again, so time went short for relaxing and developing. I did my best and improoved some things(you might have read it in my tweets already). I fixed some Bugs with collision, and a few […]

Progressing well

Development is going well. We had another playtest today. Fixed some bugs with players getting stuck sometimes. The new movementcode for the network behaves very good while producing less traffic than the one i had written before. New features i’ll work on: Players getting stunned when hit by a moving bomb. Bombs should push each […]

Page is online

Well, after a few hours of doing all the stuff, the page is finally online…somehow.Some things still need to be adressed(and iam working on it). But for now it should work. Here on the newspage, you’ll find major updates, on the right you’ll find little updates through Tweets. What is this site about? This site […]