Delphinus support for multiple licenses in a single package

Something that has been overdue for a very long time is the support for multiple licenses in a single package.And after way to much time (the original issue dates back to 2016), I’ve finally added support for it. This comes with a little change to the json.

Previously you’d write this to add your license to the package:

“license_type”: “MIT”,
“license_file”: “License.txt”,

This has changed to an array, to allow multiple entries:

“type”: “MIT”,
“file”: “License.txt”

The documentation has been updated accordingly and you should use this structure as of now. But don’t worry. This doesn’t mean that older json files are now broken. The reader has a fallback (when no “licenses” entry exists) for using the old pattern.

The LicenseDialog now presents each license in its own tab

The Delphinus Commandline (DPM.exe) has a new parameter for the “-License” switch on the “Info” command. It allows you to select a specific license in a package (by type) for reading. If this parameter is not used, it will list ALL licenses at once. So for packages with a single License there is no change in behavior. But with multiple this is going to help.


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