Delphinus is a Packagemanager which runs right from your Delphi IDE (XE and Newer).  It is community driven and allows you to install/manage Components without worrying about all the different installationsteps you usually take when installing one or more components. It displays detailed information about each Package and shows when an update for an installed component is available.

Who do i need to contact to get my own Package online?

In short: Nobody! You can do it yourself!

This is the cool thing about it. Delphinus uses Github as backend for the global Packagelist. You only have to setup a Githubrepo (if your project isn’t already there) add some json-files and a special keyword to your readme. From there on it is automatically detected by the Delphinus-Client. Take a look at the Wiki under Publishing-your-Project-for-Delphinus

How do i get/install it?

There are 2 options:

  1. You go to the Githubrepo of Delphinus and compile the packages for yourself
  2. You use the Websetup

The second one is prefered since it simplyfies installing/updating Delphinus (Setup has support for multiple IDEs)

I found a bug/error

If you found a Bug, either with Delphinus or the Websetup, please create an issue at Delphinus Issue (Github)


  1. Hi author, great project delphinus, but why I have error with message “RateLimit Exceeded.Wait for Reset”?



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