Page is online

Well, after a few hours of doing all the stuff, the page is finally online…somehow.Some things still need to be adressed(and iam working on it). But for now it should work.

Here on the newspage, you’ll find major updates, on the right you’ll find little updates through Tweets.

What is this site about?

This site is about Games I will create. At the moment, I am working on a Bomberman clone in 3d (not shure about it’s name, yet). It features particle explosions(360 degree) and multiplayer for up to 8 players(Lan/Online). It’s still in Pre-Alpha and very rough, but theres already a little Video(you’ll find it in my video-section aswell):

This site is still under construction and things may change in the future. Hope you enjoy your stay 🙂

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