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Happy new Yeaaa…. oh erhm… already July? Awesome party but very long hangover as it seems. So I am still here, Delphinus is still here and here comes a new update!

External Timelines

For the past years (oh man did this really start in June 2015?) Delphinus had two annoying problems:

* Only support for Github, forcing you to mirror i.e. Bitbucket-Repositories

* Delphinus related files cluttered in the same repository, which may introduce problems with fixing bugs in your json afterwards

To solve both of the problems i introduce something i call “External Timelines”. What this means is pretty simple. You create a Repository on Github to store all Delphinus related files and link that to another one(either github or bitbucket). From there on you simply keep the releases of the DelphinusPackage-Repository in sync with tags on the linked repository and that’s it. You can even rewrite your entire DelphinusPackage-Repository to fix a bug in your first installationscript! (just make sure you relink each release properly afterwards, PLEASE!)

You can still host Delphinus related files in your repository, of course. That didn’t change and is still the simplest method.

External Timelines (Wiki)

Mobile and Linux

I have finally unlocked mobile and Linux as targets for your Delphinus-Packages. I finally found a victim Tester to help me, since i have neither a mobile-addon nor an Enterprise-Edition for Linux. In case you encounter any issues, please spend some time into debugging/investigating, since i can’t do anything which is just related to mobile or linux. Or i have to send it to my victim Tester 😉

Supported Platforms have been updated accordingly:
Delphinus.Info.json (Wiki)
Delphinus.Install.json (Wiki)

Custom Bugtracker

As of now, you can finally specify the url to your own Bugtracker, in case you don’t use Githubs/Bitbuckets. The new property is called report_url and part of Delphinus.Info.json (Wiki).

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  1. Seriously any serious project uses Bitbucket?
    Every time someone creates a project on Bitbucket a child from Delphi dies.

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