GenesisPrecompiler for LiteC V0.4

Today i finished V0.4 of my precompiler.

Changes for V0.4:

  • You can define Global vars
  • You can define global function dummies
  • You can define structs (its yet not possible to define values at the end)
  • You can define (lazy) enums. You cant set custom values. Each value in an enum is unique
  • New warnings for possible wrong/missing return statements
  • You dont have to add the instancepointer to the method call manually anymore.  Its automatic^^
  • super() is obsoleted. You can finally use ParentClass:ParentMethod() to call methods from a parentclass
  • Showing alternative matchind identifier(not yet used everywhere)
  • Showing LiteC Errors correctly in log

You can find the download in the projects&downloads section

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