GenesisPrecompiler for LiteC v0.5

Today i released version 0.5 of my Precompiler. The update includes:

  • Bugfix: stringcontent is ignored now when parsing methodcontent.
  • Its now possible to use single and/or multiline comments.
  • You can now use private/protected/public to define the accessspecifiers as you do in C++
  • Implicit “this”. Inside a method, you no longer need to write “this” before accessing a member of this instance.
  • for each(<LokalVar> in <List>). to get your class work with the for each loop, just derive it from CForEachObject and implement the 3 methods defined there
  • new/delete can be used as in C++ now(only for classes and no arrays atm). You dont have to write “_ClassName” to construct an object. Just write “new ClassName”. And “delete” can be used without brackets now.
  • Required Compilerfiles(CBaseObject, CForEachObject) are automatically copied to your project folder. You dont have to put them in your folder manually anymore
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